Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 2 - the bite is on!

It has been a busy day on the water outside of Avalon. Since 8:20 this morning the bite has been on. The first bite was taken care of on the EPYC - one of the best breakfasts of my life, thanks so much EPYC crew. Now to the details...

As a recap, Team Bad Company started off the day in the lead. And all the money was up for grabs in the amateur division. Then the world turned on its ear.....

Aly Cat (amateur division) - 8:20 H2
Not to be out done - Quality Time another amateur team felt the pressure and hooked up at 10:09 starting a trend in the E3 and E2 zone.

Ruckus hooked up in E3 at 10:24
Gambler went crazy hooking up three in a row starting at 10:30 and ending at 10:56 at E3
Team Bad Company, got the first double hook up of the day at 11am
The Gamber kept the heat on hooking up again at 11:14
Pacific Edge and their all star crew hooked up at 11:21

Just as lunch time rolled around Ruckus hooked up at 12:15
Team Bad Company hooked up at 12:17
Real Time hooked up at 12:09
Pacific Edge hooked up at 12:17

All of the above catch and releases where done in E2 unless otherwise noted.

Before I left the dock another team got a bite but no release as of yet so I will wait to report on that...

The feeders are feeding, the sun is shining and now it is time for me to feed - 5 star style on the EPYC.

Tight lines...

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